Laptop Repair Training Course

Laptop Repair Training Course

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Repairing a laptop can never be easy unless you have received a proper training in the same. It takes years of experience to master the repairing skills followed in the industry. However, to start by the process you must understand the laptop training course in detail.

Every institute has its brochure having a complete detail of all the modules in a row. Still for those who are unable to catch the brochure, below are the laptop repair course details. The topic name/contents may differ from one institute to other, but the concept are quite similar.

Introduction Classes on Laptop:

The course starts with the introduction of the laptop. This module covers all the fundamental details such as the basic overview, history behind the device, uses and applications, development and other relevant facts. These classes are organized in order to make the students familiar with the device.

Laptop Parts (Inside & Outside):

To repair any laptop, it is the important to understand the complete configuration of the system. The instructors introduce all the internal and external components of a laptop. The inside components of the laptop are inclusive of RAM, battery, hard disk, floppy disk, PCMCIA card, battery, processor, head sink, motherboard, LCD screen, etc.

Repair Tools & Machines:

After introducing all the parts of the laptop, a student is made familiar with the tools and equipment used in the repairing process. There are separate hardware tools, chip level and testing tools. Apart from these, accessories and advanced tools are also introduced. The list of laptop repairing tools are inclusive of screwdriver kit, laptop case opener, anti static wrist band PCB cleaning brush, hot air blower, liquid flux, tip soldering, digital multimeter, battery booster, debug card, oscilloscope (CRO), and many more.

Laptop Motherboard:

In laptop repair course, motherboard study is done in detail. Good institutes offer training in motherboard repairing. They can be of any brand including Compaq, Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, Samsung, IBM, Toshiba, Sony, etc. All the students are made familiar with laptop motherboard active, passive, section components identification and testing. Special soldering practice classes are also arranged to remove or re-fixing the components.

Troubleshooting Laptop Problems:

Based on the laptop course in detail troubleshooting problems are also covered. The troubleshooting could be related to CPU, GPU, laptop battery, laptop adapter, laptop audio related issues, hard disk failure, laptop display, flash memory card, web camera, LCD screenArticle Search, etc.

For anyone who takes admission into the laptop repairing course it is important to understand all about the course in detail. Description of each concept is given in the booklet itself and for any doubt; a student can ask the counselor.


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